Nicaragua pens list of projects for PPP investment

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Nicaragua has presented a list of projects worth US$5.2bn that will be prioritized for investment, which could be developed with public or private funds, or under a PPP model. The majority of the projects included in the list are related to the infrastructure, transport and water sectors.

The list is included in a strategy entitled Development Policies and Projects For Fostering Investment 2017-2021, which the government is already presenting to local and international investors, foreign governments, as well as financial institutions in order to secure economic and political support, according to press reports.

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The projects on the list will help reduce transportation costs, facilitate trade, transfer goods and people, while providing access to new production centers, creating new routes, border crossings, ports and airports, as the plan's own document reads.

The infrastructure, transport and waterworks projects included on the list in order of importance are the following:

1. Project to build the Costanera del Pacífico road

2. Construction of Bilwi airport terminal

3. Installation of fuel supply systems in airports located outside Managua

4. Managua - Masaya - Granada train line

5. Construction of an interurban bus terminal in the municipality of Managua

6. Construction of a cruise ship terminal in San Juan del Sur

7. Puerto Corinto modernization project

8. Construction of a port in Bluefields

9. Phase II of a comprehensive water and human sanitation program (PISASH)

10. Managua Metropolitana project

11. Project to develop a national irrigation pilot plan

12. Irrigation program for the dry corridor and isolated national productive regions

The plan also includes policies for the agriculture, tourism, education, fishing and energy sectors.

This development strategy is included in the PPP law that was approved by the national assembly Wednesday, according to the government's press release.

Nicaragua is facing a complicated political situation as the U.S. congress passed a bill calling for economic sanctions against the country, citing lack of free elections and restriction of political freedoms on the part of president Daniel Ortega's government. Other countries in the region, such as Brazil, have also approved special PPP programs when facing political turmoil.